Introduction of food grade stainless steel
Introduction of food grade stainless steel

According to the "Hygienic Standard for Stainless Steel Tableware Containers" GB 4806.9-2016, food-grade stainless steel should pass the migration test, that is, put the stainless steel material into a solution (usually an acidic solution) that simulates food for immersion, and test after reaching the specified time. Whether some elements are precipitated in the solution.

If the precipitation of the above five harmful substances does not exceed the standard, it can be called food-grade stainless steel.

When we buy tableware and kitchen utensils every day, in addition to looking at the stainless steel grade, we should also pay attention to whether the product packaging clearly indicates that it meets gb 4806.9-2016. Only food-grade stainless steel that has passed the standard test can be used with confidence.